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Welcome to SoHi Podiatry.
We love to treat all kinds of feet.
  • Little feet
  • Everyday feet
  • Athletic feet
At SoHi Podiatry we love treating all types of feet. Come and visit us to see how we can get you one step closer to happy feet.
Meet Our Chief Feet Expert
Alexandra Viles

Alex graduated from Western Sydney university with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Podiatry) in 2007. Since graduating she has practiced in the Southern Highlands and outer Sydney areas and was awarded the WSU and Australian Podiatry Association (NSW/ACT) 2008 Award for Clinical Excellence.

Alex currently serves as Director on the Board of the Australian Podiatry Association (NSW/ACT) and is the Coordinator of Podiatry Clinic Services at the Matthew Talbot Hostel for homeless men in Woolloomooloo; a position she has held since 2011. She is also a current member of The Australasian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine and Sports Medicine Australia.

When she’s not treating feet, Alex enjoys spending time with her little family with the addition of a little running, swimming and cycling on the side. Having competed in two Ironman events, multiple marathons and half marathons Alex has a passion for keeping fit and healthy, with her daughter following closely in her footsteps.

Meet Our Receptionist
Andrea Collimore

Andrea is a valuable part of the SoHi family and our cherished receptionist, completing her diploma of Business Administration and Management in 2018. She is reliable, conscientious and a delight to have on the team.

Andrea is also a long time local girl who loves spending her weekends with her two pups and her fiancé.

Feet We Treat

At SoHi Podiatry, we love feet and we know that it’s no fun for anyone when they decide to play up. We are committed to treating everyone from kids and athletes through to senior citizens, below is a list of concerns that we can help you with. We’re great listeners, so feel free to drop in or give us a call and tell us what’s up, we’d be happy to help.

Find out more below about the feet we treat.


“Medi-Pedi” - The Medical Grade Pedicure

We have introduced the ‘Medi-Pedi’ - a safe and professional alternative to a traditional pedicure that leaves your feet feeling and looking fabulous!

Athletic Feet

For athletes and sports enthusiasts, pain and injury can mean months on the bench. At SoHi we use a multidisciplinary approach (when necessary) to regain optimum function and allow a safe return to sport. We refer on to local professionals and practitioners who share our ethos.

Find Out More About Athletic Feet

Everyday Feet

Foot pain, posture and biomechanical issues - Skin and nail conditions: - Thick or difficult-to-trim toenails - Corns, calluses, dry cracked heels - Plantar warts - Ingrown toenails - Fungal skin and nail infections - Blisters

Find Out More About Everyday Feet

Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails are common and for different reasons can become infected causing pain and swelling.

Find Out More About Ingrown Toenails

Little Feet

Sometimes little ones have funny feet and toes, and in most cases this is normal. At SoHi Podiatry we are always happy to take a look and have a chat, even if it’s just for peace of mind.

Find Out More About Little Feet

Orthotic Therapy

Orthotics are custom-designed insoles created to improve, support or correct foot posture. Injuries and foot discomfort can occur as a consequence of abnormal foot and lower limb mechanics, impacting on the feet, legs, pelvis and spine. Orthotics can relieve pain and prevent further disability and discomfort.

Find Out More About Orthotic Therapy
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