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Medi-Pedi - The Medical Grade Pedicure

At SoHi Podiatry we believe that prevention is better than a cure. We have introduced the ‘Medi-Pedi’ as a safe and professional alternative to a traditional pedicure that leaves your feet feeling and looking fabulous!

What is a Medi-Pedi?

A Medical Pedicure or ‘Medi-Pedi’ is a medical grade pedicure. This means that your pedicure is carried out in a safe and sterile medical environment by trained and qualified professional Podiatrists. It’s a way of ensuring that your feet are in safe hands.

We are qualified to answer any questions you have about your feet and to treat all complications that commonly arise from nail salons such as fungal infections, bacterial infections, ingrown toenails and warts. As podiatrists we deal with all things feet. At SoHi Podiatry we adhere to strict hygiene standards, maintaining strict standards of infection control. All of our instruments are sterilised using an autoclave to ensure complete destruction of any disease-carrying microorganisms. Regular nail salons are not held to these same regulatory standards. We have all the right tools and equipment to safely manage whatever comes our way!

During your ‘Medi Pedi’ our Podiatrist will assess your feet and discuss any concerns you may have regarding your feet, skin and nails. For example, if we identify a fungal infection in your toenails or your skin we will discuss treatment options with you. We choose to perform a ‘dry’ pedicure rather than a ‘spa pedicure’, meaning we don’t “soak” your feet beforehand. The foot spas that you see in nail salons are perfect carriers of disease. Even after the water has been drained there can still be microorganisms, especially fungal cells and wart viruses which remain alive in the drains and pumps of these spas. So when you place your feet in one of these baths you may inadvertently be infecting yourself from the person who used the bath before you.

We cleanse the feet first with an alcohol based solution. A general podiatric treatment is performed; nails are smoothed, shaped and filed and any hard skin and corns or calluses are removed, feet are then buffed to give a silky smooth finish. We moisturise the cuticles with Nail Nectar cuticle oil and apply a Perfect Paws emollient moisturising cream to your feet while giving a gentle massage to improve circulation and restore your joint’s mobility. We use Australian made products from Skin Juice; a natural, organic nutraceutical range. We do not apply nail lacquer however we do stock Dr.’s Remedy enriched nail varnish in our reception area - a luxe nail varnish created by Podiatrists with organic, naturally healing ingredients.